Cancellation. Refund. Ticket change.

Cancellation. Refund. Ticket change.
The purchased tickets may be returned strictly with the rules of tariffs of the air comany. In case you need to return tickets as soon as possible you should inform us or the air company about this in order to be able to return the ticket with minimum losses.
Can I learn the rules of the change and return of the ticket prior to payment of the ticket?
Yes, you can found the rules still in the process of reservation of flight, until the confirmation and receipt of your payment. Terms of reservation systems are specified in the form in which they are offered by the air company. Please, pay attention to the basic formulation:

TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE — the ticket is non-refundable;
TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE FOR CANCEL/REFUND — the ticket is non-refundable;
REFUND IS NOT PERMITTED — the ticket is non-refundable;
ANY TIME TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE — the ticket is non-refundable;
TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE IN CASE OF NO-SHOW — the ticket is non-refundable in the case of absence in the flight.
May I cancel the purchase of a ticket after payment?
Tickets may be cancelled without penalty from the air company on the day of purchase, provided that the application is sent to the date of purchase in the office working time and prior to departure at least 48 hours. The ticket with the date departure less than two days from the date of purchase is not subject to cancellation.
The tickets issued with AZAL and TURKISH AIRLINES can be cancelled without penalty only during 2 hours on the day of purchase, if the request is sent on date of purchase during the office working hours and at least 48 hours prior to departure.
Refund of tickets.
May I return the ticket? The opportunity of return of the ticket is specified by the tariff rules of the aircompanies. Please upon purchase of your ticket, pay attention to the opportunity of return of the ticket. In the case that the ticket is non-refundable, the air company will return your fees only. If a return is possible, the air company will return the amount after deduction of fees and penalties for refund according to the fare rules. In order to minimize the amount of fines, you need to contact with TripOnline and / or the air company at least 48 hours before travel. If the size of the fines is not a matter for you, just send an e-mail for a refund. On the basis of your e-application we will cancel the reserved space, calculate and return your money with deduction of the fee for the return. Also, you can apply directly to the aircompany.
May I return a non-refundable ticket?
Voluntary return of the ticket will be made according to the rules of the air company's fare in each case. The ticket refund amount will be calculated according to the rules of the air company's tariffs.
Upon purchase of non-returnable tickets, the fare will not be refunded at any time or in specific cases: after the departure or attendance / lateness on the flight. TA part of refundable rates may be subject to return.

In some cases it is possible to make a forced return, not subject to the return of tickets in the event of :
- the death of a passenger or a close family member;
- illness / hospitalization of a passenger;
- medical prescription of contraindication for the flight;
- refusal of the visa.
If you are referred to in one of these items, please contact with us and provide the supporting documents, and we will do everything best to obtain a permit of the air company to process full or partial refund of the ticket. Also, if payment is done directly to the air company, you may apply to the air company itself.
May I return a ticket just before departure?
If prior to departure a few days left, and you have a change of plans, the first thing to do is to cancel the reserved space as soon as possible. In the case of return a ticket less than 24 hours before departure, most of the air companies increase the size of fines, and in the case of non-appearance for the flight, most affordable tickets with the economy class flight cannot be refunded. The last moment possible for a return ticket will be specified by the air company, but as a rule, this is the beginning of check-in. You can applyt both to us or the air company to require cancellation of the places. If time allows, it is best to send an e-application for a refund from your personal account. The minimum term of treatment of urgent requests for the return is 24 hours after receipt, provided that the application has been received during the working day at 09-00 to 17-00 GMT +2 from Monday to Friday.
Ticket change. E-ticket changes
To make changes in the ticket, such as re-routing, date of departure, the adjustment of incorrectly written personal data you need to contact with us via the feedback form.
May I renew a paid ticket for another passenger?
Unfortunately, you may not. This is prohibited by the rules of the air company. In this case, we recommend that you make an change for another date or to issue the ticket refund, according to the rules of the fare.
May I change the date of departure and arrival?
You may do it if it is stipulated by the tariff regulations for purchase of tickets. In order that we are able to clarify this information to you, please send us a request via the feedback form. Through one application, you can select up to three alternative dates, on which the change value will be calculated, and in addition you can ask to calculate the cost of refund of the tickets - in some cases to hand over some tickets and to buy new is more profitable than to do a change with all the penalties provided by the air company. If you agree to the change, you will be billed at an extra charge. Also, you can make payment to the account by a credit card.
May I return an ticket if I am denied in issue of a visa?
For most air companies the refusal of a visa is a sufficient argument for the forced refund, but only if the following conditions are met:
- If you are refused a visa by the consulate of the country which is the final destination of your trip upon the purchased ticket, which you want to return;
- if it is a ticket for the route, which is registered with one order;
- If the first point of departure under the ticket that you want to return starts from the country of your citizenship.
Refusal of a transit visa is not the ground for an air company to refund the ticket in full. In this case, the return will be done according to the rules of the fare, and be a voluntary return.
As x Document confirming the refusal of a visa you must provide not only a copy / scan of the mark in the passport, but also an official document issued to you at the consulate with the seal or signature of the consul, which should include your name and surname.
Documents must be provided to us or to the air company at least 72 hours prior to departure. If for some reason you have no time or cannot provide such documents, the air company may deny you forced refund.
Voluntary refund.
Voluntary return of the ticket will be done according to the rules of the air company's fare, by the initiative or due the fault of the passenger.
Upon purchase of non-refundable tickets, apart of the refundable rate may be subject to refund. The same is applicable for situations of non-appearance / lateness of the passenger for the flight.
Forced refund.
Refund of non-refundable tickets will be possible in certain cases when the passenger is not an initiator or in situations that are good cause.

- cancellation / delay of flight due to the fault of the carrying air company;
- rerouting initiated by the carrying air company;
- schedule changes;
- the death of a passenger or a close family member;
- illness / hospitalization of a passenger;
- medical prescription of contraindication for the flight;
- refusal of issue of the visa.