Electronic ticket

What is an electronic ticket?
Since June 1, 2008 The International Air Transport Association has moved to issue electronic tickets only, and paper tickets are left in the past. (source http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/stb/pages/e-ticketing.aspx). The electronic ticket or e-ticket is a modern version of a paper ticket, the electronic document available in the database of an air company is protected from the impact of human factors, such as the loss of the ticket. For a passenger, e-ticket means that the boarding of the aircraft only needs an identity document and a valid visa, if required by the legislation of the country of destination.

E-ticket privileges: 

- The passenger saves time upon buying a ticket and airport check-in along the flight route; 
- It is enough for the passenger to carry on his/her identity document upon the check-in procedures;
- e-ticket can not be lost, stolen or forgotten at home;
- e-ticket exempts from paying the cost of blank paper ticket, which ranges from 10 to 20 euros.

- convenience of buying tickets to relatives, friends and business partners through specific web sites, while being in another city or country.

Attention to those who buy e-tickets for business trip: Keep boarding passes and itinerary receipt s issued at check-in, for accounting!

Please note: The boarding pass duplicates are not issued, keep the boarding passes obtained at check-in for the route.
What is the itinerary receipt ?
The itinerary receipt is a complete and detailed information about the reserved service / services, indicating the e-ticket number, route, manner and details of the flight payment.
After the purchase the ticket buyer gets itinerary receipt (English: Itinerary receipt). Upon buying a ticket online, itinerary receipt comes to an email address specified by you, after the successful completion of payment. Itinerary receipt contains detailed information about the agency issued the ticket, flight details, the manner and amount of payment. An essential and important element of the itinerary is the e-ticket number. We ask that passengers to print out the itinerary and take it with you on a trip. It is not a requirement, but there are some circumstances in which the itinerary receipt may be useful:
- in foreign airports at passport control procedured such itinerary receipt will be evidence of a confirmed return flight or adherence to a third country.
- at the entrance / exit of the airport for aviation security services as a confirmation of your lawful stay in the airport.