Ticket reservation and payment

Attention!!! As payment for Low Cost tickets is charged by the airlines directly, your card is subject to the additional amount withdraw for conversion according to the currency exchange rate.
What does the flight cost include?
The flight cost includes the cost of the fare, airline fees, airport fees and service fess of the agency.
The rate is the sum specified by the carrier for the transportation of passengers and the permissible free baggage allowance that the carrier publishws in the reservation system and applies to a specific class of service.
The fees include the following:
The airport fee is the fee specified by airports for services rendering to the passengers.
The air company's fees include the following:
- fuel surcharge, general term (YQ);
- reservation system service fees;
- fees for aircraft services in an airport and other levies;
The amount of fees varies and is charged depending on the flight, departure / arrival country, and specified both by as an air company and airport.
Service fee is the fee collected by the agency for services and ticketing. The service fee is non-refundable.
What is the difference between reservation classes?
Depending on the number of services provided on board in the aircraft, and the level of comfort, there are three classes of service in the world: first class, business class, and economy class.
On Triponline site the information is provided in the form in which it provides to the ticket reservation system, i.e. in letter (Y, K, L, M, T). Classes of service may vary in different air companies.
For each of the service classes air companies assign reservation classes and the rate relevant to such class. The reservation classes are designated by a single letter of the English alphabet.
Often, buying a ticket of first and business class allows the client to change the departure date without penalties and surcharges, to use additional services of business halls at the airport, private reception on the flight and transfer to board.
In addition, normally the tickets of economy class are non-refundable and their exchange is impossible. Please, read the applicable fare rules before purchase.
Trip with a child under 2 years old
Please note that if at the time of departure the child turns 2 years old, and the ticket is bought for the baby, such a ticket will automatically become invalid. On this airfare child will be denied boarding the aircraft. This rule also applies to the child from 2 to 12 years old. If you want to buy a ticket for a child under 2 years with the place, you need to select a ticket for a child under 12 years. Through such order you can get tickets for 1 adult, one infant and one child up to 12 years old.
For infants up to 2 years it is possible to transport up to 10 kg free baggage.
Purchase of a ticket for a child without an adult
Unfortunately, on our website you cannot complete a purchase of a ticket for the child only. When you purchase a ticket, at least, one adult should be included. It would be also impossible to add a passenger in an order already completed and paid.
If you need to arrange the purchase of tickets for a child only, please refer to the representation office of the air company.