«» publishes this Agreement, defining the order of services rendering to users. This Agreement is a public contract-offer (official proposal) to any user.

Before receiving services at the site each user should read and approve all of the terms and conditions set forth below in this Agreement without any changes to the same.

1. The terms used in this Agreement are the following:

The site will mean a web site belonging to OU «» and located in the Internet at

The order will mean the User's request to receive services chosen on the Site, made in proper manner, namely, contains reliable information and the settings required for the provision of services


The Contractor will mean "" Baku, Azerbaijan which renders services on provision of information from reservation and booking services systems for third parties via the Internet site


The User will mean a natural person who has reached the age of 18, is not limited in the capacity in the manner prescribed by the law, entitled to enter into contractual relations with the Contractor, including placing an order or reserve services on the Websites or using the services or specified as recipient of the service.

The service providers will mean air companies, their official representatives providing air transportation services to the User


The electronic passenger ticket will mean a document used to verify the passenger's contract of carriage and baggage, which contains information on the carriage of passengers and baggage in digital form


The reservation system will mean an automated system connected to the service providers / resources, in which the search, booking and payment services occurs. The information in the reservation system may at any time be amended or supplemented, and in such case the User will be offered to use the reservation system in the "as-is» mode.

The itinerary receipt will mean an extract from the reservation system, specifying the conditions of the contract of carriage entered into by the user with the service provider


2. General provisions

2.1 OU «» reserves the right to modify at its discretion, the terms of this Agreement without any notice.

The use of the Site by the user, namely the opening of any page, or use of any service will mean his/her acceptance of the Agreement, as well as possible updates and amendments that may be made to the Agreement;

2.2 The user enters this Agreement by putting a mark in the form of a "tick" in the box "I accept the terms of the Agreement with in the final stage of registration of the order on the Site;

2.3 After fulfilment of the order, this Agreement will be the main document in the official relations between the User and «»;

2.4 The Parties have agreed that all exchange of information and documents under this Agreement will be carried out via e-mail address indicated by the User upon check-in and / or reservation of a ticket;

2.5 If the ticket is purchased on the website, the user will independently and directly enter into contractual relations with service providers on the terms provided by the user online;

2.6 The Contractor will provide to the user the services on selection of the optimal flight route, freight rates for transportation in accordance with the specified parameters of the passenger transportation priority conditions, reservations, ticketing and discharge, as well as information and consulting support to the user after purchase of the ticket.

2.7 The obligation of the Contractor shall be deemed fulfilled properly and in full from the moment of sending of the itinerary receipt to the user an e-mail address specified upon reservation, specifying the clauses of the the user's air transportation contract entered with the service provider.

3. The site use regulations

3.1 Using the site You agree to unconditionally comply with the following conditions and confirm that:

3.1.1 You are 18 years old, you are capable, have legal capacity, a legal right to enter into contractual relations with «» and will use the website in accordance with this agreement, as well as acknowledge and take responsibility for the obligations imposed on you as a result of the execution of this Agreement and use of the site;

3.1.2 Upon working with the site you agree to provide accurate, truthful, current and complete information about you and / or third parties in whose favor the reservation and / or ticket purchase is made;

3.1.3 You assume all risks and costs associated with errors or omissions during the ordering process, you are committed deliberately or accidentally during the purchase and / or reservations and / or re-reservation;

3.1.4 You are aware of and agree that the change of personal data of passengers in the reservation process is the ground of the loss of validity of the tariffs agreed in the order. Changes of personal data in the reservation process is the ground for registration of a new ticket and collection of additional funds according to the tariffs of the air companies for a statement of the new ticket and / or change of the personal data on the ticket. If any changes are required to be made to the personal data you agree to pay for such changes and / or issue of a new ticket;

3.1.5 In the case of reservation and / or purchase of tickets for third parties, you agree to inform such persons of all conditions, rules and restrictions of the selected tariff, as well as any possible changes related to the purchase and reservation;

3.1.6 You give consent to the processing of personal data referred to in the application, including the data of third parties for the benefit of which a reservation or purchase a ticket is made, you also agree that the personal data of third parties are provided subject to their consent, and third parties have given their consent to the processing of personal data by any means, including electronic copying, reproduction, cross-border transfer of personal data, depersonalization, blocking, destruction;

3.1.7 You are aware that the service providers may request additional information and undertake to provide the requested information upon request within the period specified in the corresponding request;

3.1.8 You agree to self-monitor the status of your order regularly, until the time of use on the ticket purchased online, including checking your email for more information about the possible changes, and if necessary refer to the «» via the feedback form on the site or contact telephone numbers listed on the website.

3.1.9 You agree to provide current phone number and email address for emergency communications. All notices of a change in the flight schedule, change of departure / arrival, the cancellation or revision to any airport other flight parameters will be done by «» in writing to the email address specified by the user upon placing the order, subject to notice of these changes by the air companies. Air companies will be authorized to report the information directly to the user, using the telephone number provided on your reservation. The User will be obliged to carry out monitoring of the messages in the mailbox, and message to the desired phone number from the moment of reservation to the end of the trip. Otherwise «» will not be responsible for non-notification of the passenger with regard to a change in the flight schedule, change of airport of departure / arrival, flight cancellation or changes in any other flight options in case when booking air transport passenger refused to provide their contact information or provided incorrect contact information (phone number, email address, etc.), or, «» could not communicate with the passenger by the contact numbers indicated, turning at least once a phone number or email address, and so on), including as a result of incorrect occupant contact data. In such cases, the Contractor will not reimburse the passenger for the damages caused by a such non-notification. The Contractor will not be responsible for failure to provide such information in cases when the information was not provided by the service provider (the Air company);

3.1.10 You agree to assume the full responsibility for the preparation of all necessary documents for the trip, to ensure the correctness and completeness of the documents required for departure and arrival, as well as transit flights for investigations on all the routes to follow the whole route, the availability of the necessary visas, valid passports, powers of attorney and other documents. The Contractor shall not be liable for the passenger's ignorance or failure to comply with all the necessary requirements of the country of departure and arrival. Prior to purchase and trip, make sure that you have all the necessary documents and visas, also, please, use the site for more information.

4. Service payment procedures

4.1 Payment may be made by credit card at the Contractor 's site.

4.2 Payment for the order cost by bank card

4.2.1 Payment will be done directly by the user - the card holder;

4.2.2 Authorization of operations by credit cards will be done by the payment system through which the payment operation is carried out. If the payment system finds a reason to believe that the operation is fraudulent, the system will be authorized to refuse the fulfillment of the operation;

4.2.3 Payment will be available by two transactions: Payment for transportation cost to the air company directly; Payment of the collection cost directly to «»;

4.2.4 When the User makes payment for services, the Contractor will be obliged to not store information about the user's bank card.

4.2.5 Payment will be done by secure connection facilities through the payment system. The data transfer will be protected by SSL WebServerCertificateswith EV certificates from Thawte.

4.3 The cost of services reserved by the User will be indicated on the website at the last stage, in the currency of a service provider in an explicit form, and will include:

4.3.1 transportation cost;

4.3.2 «» collection fee;

4.4 Upon the sale of tickets, we will charge an additional fee for services considering the choice of the optimal route of transportation, freight rates for transportation in accordance with the specified parameters of the passenger transportation priority conditions, reservations, ticketing and discharge, as well as information and consulting support to the user after purchase of the ticket. This fee is non-refundable.

4.5 If for any reason the «» collection fee is has been paid, and ticketing has not occurred, we will be obliged to cancel the payment and return the paid sum of money to you within two (2) days;

4.6 The amount written off from the User's bank card after the purchase of the ticket may differ from the amount indicated in the order in case of a mismatch currency of your credit card and currency provider. Your bank may make a conversion in its internal rate. We recommend that before making a purchase you should check with your bank representative the domestic exchange rate and the presence of possible fees for currency conversion. Paying a ticket, you confirm that you agree with the total price taking into account the costs associated with the conversion.

4.7 By the fact of payment the User will confirm that he/she is informed and agrees to the return policy, exchange and cancellation of tickets, with all the details of his trip, including flight dates, departure time, arrival, transplant, passenger data, class of service.

4.9 Once the payment is customized, the itinerary receipt and proof of payment for reserved services will be automatically generated and sent to the user's specified e-mail address provided during registration and / or ticket reservation.

5. Liability of the Parties

5.1 The information and descriptions of services published on the site may contain inaccuracies and errors. In particular, the Contractor does not guarantee complete accuracy and is not responsible for incompleteness or inaccuracy of information or any description of services provided by the service providers.

5.2 The Contractor will not be liable in the event of the damage caused to the User due to total or partial failure of performance of the site or its components.

5.3 The Contractor will not be liable for the inconvenience and potential losses and will not cover any indirect or direct costs that may occur as a result of acts or omissions of third parties, including:

5.3.1 In case of failure to perform the obligations assumed, owing to the unreliability, insufficient and untimely information and documents provided by the user, or the User violates the terms of this Agreement or the requirements for documents;

5.3.2 for the actions of carriers (change, cancel, transfer, departure delay of flights, trains, buses and other vehicles, changes in the cost of tickets, the withdrawal rate of sale, cancellation of unpaid or paid reservations), for safety, loss or damage to baggage, cargo, property and documents of the passengers for the duration of their trip. In these cases, the responsibility to passengers, in accordance with international rules carries service provider;

5.3.3 for the actions of the customs and immigration authorities;

5.3.4 for the actions of foreign consulates, including the delay, denial or modification of the terms of issue of visas;

5.3.5 for the consequences of violation of the passenger customs and border formalities, travel and baggage rules, as well as violations of specific rules of conduct in the country of temporary residence;

5.3.6 for absence or late arrival of passengers on the flight check;

5.3.7 for non-compliance of the carrier's behaviour rules by passengers;

5.3.8 for the authenticity and accuracy of documents (the accuracy of the information contained therein).

5.4. Parties to the Agreement will be exempt from liability for improper performance or failure to perform their obligations hereunder in the event of force majeure causing the impossibility of proper execution of the obligations by the User and the Contractor , as well as other circumstances beyond control of and prevention by the parties.

5.5 In the event of a breach of this Agreement by the User, any law or the rights of third parties the User will agree to hold harmless «» and employees from any claims, lawsuits and claims brought by third parties, as well as losses, damages, fines and other charges.

6. Refund and cancellation of tickets

6.1 Exchange, cancellation and refund ticket will be made according to the rules of the service provider chosen. These rules will be displayed explicitly at the time of reservation. Upon replacement / return of the ticket, in addition to possible fines for the air company's fare rules, the Contractor will be entitled to charge an additional fee for the commission of a replacement / refund. The fee will be specified explicitly after the initiation of the return procedure, exchange, cancellation, revocation.

6.2 Upon return, replacement or cancellation of the ticket the «» collection fee payable upon purchase of a ticket will not be subject to refund.

6.3 The application for replacement, cancellation and refund of tickets issued via the website through the feedback form will be processed in the workplace from Monday to Friday at 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT + 3, Baku, Azerbaijan). The application received after working hours will be processed on the next business day. Caution! Applications will not be processed at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday, as well as state holidays. The applications received on such days will be processed on the next business day in order of priority).

6.4 A ticket may cancel without penalty from the airline the day of purchase, provided that the application is sent on the same day during working hours in accordance with clause 6.3 of this contract.

6.4 Any ticket may be cancelled without penalty from the air company on the day of purchase, provided that the application is sent on the same day during working hours in accordance with clause 6.3 of the present contract.

6.5 The user buying online ticket at will make payment directly to the service provider (the air company).

6.6 Taking into account paragraph 6.5 of this Agreement, the relationship upon returning funds will arise between the user and the service provider. Responsibility for the return of funds on your card to will be fully imposed on the air company. The funds to be returned be credited only to the card with which payment has been made in the period from 3 to 60 days from the date of cancellation or return of the ticket.

6.7 In the case of cancellation or return of ticket via the feedback form, the Contractor will perform the appropriate action on reservation in the system on behalf of the customer, after 24-00 (GMT + 3, Baku, Azerbaijan) the air company will be informed that the ticket has been proceeded in proper manner and the procedures on return f funds to the customer's card have been started. The Air company will return to the customer the funds within 3 to 60 days, and the Contractor may not affect the refund period in any way.

6.8 Initiation of cancellation or return of the ticket will be also possible through direct contact with the air company. In this case, the air company will make the appropriate actions in the reservation system and start the refund procedure of funds to your card within the term of 3 to 60 days.

7. Special conditions

7.1 The Contractor and the service providers may unilaterally and without warning cancel the reservation or order in case of "multiple reservations" (more than one reservation at a specific passenger on the same flight to one or more dates);

7.2 The list of services will not include reservation and sales of the tickets for unaccompanied minors under age, passengers with disabilities, pregnant women in the later stages, as well as passengers travelling for cashless payments and for military requirements;

7.3 The User acknowledges and agrees with the following:

7.3.1 the terms of the application of tariffs of carriers, including repayment terms, cancellation and exchange of tickets;

7.3.2 the requirements for passports and other formal documents, including those for the term of validity of the passport required to obtain a visa and entry into the host country;

7.3.3 the specifications and rules of the border (customs) control (mode) of foreign countries;

7.3.4 an obligation to comply with customs and border regulations;

7.3.5 that passengers alone bear the full responsibility for the validity of the passport for the travel of minors and other documents required for crossing the border, for the accuracy of the information contained in these documents;

7.3.6 that the deportation of the passenger with an invalid entry or exit documents will be carried out exclusively at the expense of the passenger. The passenger will be obliged to obtain the necessary information at the consulate of the country concerned.

7.4 The user assumes responsibility for the preparation of all necessary documents for the trip. The passenger should be familiar and comply with all the requirements of the country of his trip, including requirements for registration of documents required for departure and arrival, necessary visa or other travel documents of children, animals and the need to get the permission for the export of arms for export artistic values ​​and other permits and approvals;

7.5 The Contractor will reserve the right to refuse the User in providing services without giving reasons. The Contractor will notify the User about such decision immediately. The funds will be returned to the User at the same requisites to which the payment of the Order is made.

The Contractor :
«», Baku, Azerbaijan. Confidence policy

What information we gather
We collect and store all the personal information you provide to us for through every communication channel (usually the Internet and / or telephone number) at time of reservation and purchase - including the name of the recipient of services, telephone number, email address, passport data, billing information and other data, which are necessary to complete the purchase. If a purchase is made in favour of others, you must first obtain the consent of such persons to provide us with their personal information. We can also obtain additional information about you from our affiliates and business partners, as well as any other independent sources. Such information can be your IP address, the name of your Internet service provider, network operator. All such information is collected automatically. Upon collecting this information, our main objectives are to prevent fraud and to improve the user interface.
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